About Questioning the Universe Publishing (QUP)

In order to release more of his thoughts unfiltered, Irucka Embry created Questioning the Universe Publishing (QUP), which is a publisher of bookmarks, books, electronic books (e-books), Hip Hop music, and postcards.

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  • About Irucka Ajani Embry

    Who am I? I am, like you and everyone else, the Universal Creator. Each one of us is having an “individual” experience in this illusionary Reality that causes us to believe that we are a separate being, rather than the loving Universal Creator.

    I am called Irucka Ajani Embry, which is the name of the experiential vehicle that I am occupying in this lifetime. I am an evolving, perfectly imperfect being born into a supportive village of family and friends in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Irucka is a life long teacher and student. He sees himself as a being, which Irucka feels connects him more fully to all beings and not solely to other human beings. He credits this idea of connection, rather than separation, to the family (especially his father) and friends that encompassed the village that helped to raise Irucka and his older siblings. It is that springboard that allowed him to question Reality and make seen and unseen connections at an early age. Irucka continues to employ those skills in his professional life as an environmental engineer-in-training and business owner & in his personal life through the various creative and imaginative pathways that he cultivates. His main creative outlet, other than writing and music, is gardening. Irucka recognizes that the most healthy food will be grown in healthy and lively soil that is wetted by healthy water.

    He shares these and many other ideas, learned through experience or from interactions with others, mostly through written expressions. Irucka writes because it is a Spiritual calling. He searches for the Truth & he writes about it to wake us, as Human Beings, up out of our collective slumber. Our Collective Freedom depends on us Uniting globally for Abundance, Bliss, Love, Peace, etc.

    Irucka has had his work printed in the following publications: Health & Wellness magazine, Lexington Herald-Leader, The Key Newsjournal [Recovered with the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine], University of Tennessee’s The Daily Beacon, Tennessee Independent Media Center (now defunct) [Recovered with the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine], English version of the Russian paper Pravda, and The Contributor. Most of the written content on this Web page is from “About the Author” in Balancing the Rift: ReCONNECTualizing the Pasenture. Most of Irucka’s written works can be read either in Balancing the Rift or read online at Irucka Embry's Electronic Communications, True change begins from within…, and EcoC²S Media.

    Irucka recognizes that he doesn’t yet exemplify his highest ideas expressed in his creative expressions, but he will prior to leaving this plane of existence.