"Beyond   Usual   Politics"

“Beyond Usual Politics” is the name of a statement reprinted by the National Organization for an American Revolution (NOAR).  This
statement and others on various topics can be ordered from 
Literature Available from Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership.
James & Grace Lee Boggs Center To Nurture Community Leadership (BCNCL) “is a non–profit center founded in 1995 by friends and associates of James Boggs (1919–1993) and Grace Boggs to honor and continue their legacy as movement activists and theoreticians. Our aim is to help grassroots activists develop themselves into visionary leaders and critical thinkers who can devise pro–active strategies for rebuilding and respiriting our cities and rural communities from the ground up, demonstrate the power of ideas in changing ourselves and our reality, demystify leadership. The Center currently sponsors Detroit Summer and the Summer Leadership Institute, both of which seek to help develop a new generation of activists, as well as Artists and Children Creating Community Together and the Power of Ideas Book Club.” Please visit the BCNCL website. Below is an excerpt from the statement, “Beyond Usual Politics” "NEW QUESTIONS REQUIRING NEW ANSWERS WHAT, WHEN AND HOW DO WE NEED TO PRODUCE AND CONSUME – not in order 'to keep the economy going' but to develop our collective self– reliance, our collective pride in our communities and in workmanship, and to satisfy our human need to live more meaningful lives? Should we demand that auto plants stay open just so that auto workers can keep working – or should we close them down, knowing that his will mean a general cutback in our standard of living, until we discover what kind of transportation we need to provide both mobility and meaningful social contact among ourselves, instead of increasing pollution, traffic jams, streets emptied of pedestrians, and 50,000 auto deaths a year? WHAT KIND OF HOMES, SCHOOLS, WORKPLACES, PUBLIC BUILDINGS DO WE NEED to enable us to relate to one another as human beings, to raise children who will be self–reliant as well as eager to help others, and to encourage everyone, women and men, the old and the young, to live more productive and less alienated lives? Should young people be kept in schools, just because there are no jobs for them? Or should we close down the schools – even if millions of teachers are laid off – until we discover the purpose of education in an age of automation? CAN NEW YORK CITY EVER BE MADE LIVABLE WITHOUT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE MOVING OUT? CAN THE BIG CITIES EVER SOLVE THE GARBAGE PROBLEM as long as people throw paper, bottles and rubbish all over the streets – because we now believe that sanitation is the special job of sanitation workers, just as we believe that education is the special job of teachers, health the special job of doctors, and politics the special job of politicians? HOW CAN WE STOP DRUG ADDICTION AS LONG AS TV COMMERCIALS KEEP PUSHING DRUGS AS THE INSTANT SOLUTION TO ALL OUR PROBLEMS? WHY CAN'T WE FIGHT CRIME by pledging with one another not to buy 'hot goods' – thus showing in practice that we value our social ties with our neighbors more than we value material things? SHOULD TV BROADCASTING BE RESTRICTED TO CERTAIN HOURS OF THE DAY – not just to save energy but to save millions of Americans from becoming vegetables, challenging all of us to renew our contacts with our neighbors, with ourselves, and with Nature? We cannot live meaningful lives as long as we evade discussing and deciding such questions – difficult as they are – in terms of what will further the human development of each one of us, of this country, and of the human species. Only through political struggles over issues of this importance can we create communities out of what are today only geographical neighborhoods. We will not always make the correct decisions; and even when we do, new contradictions will arise – because Man/Womankind and this nation are still evolving. But we can't keep delegating this responsibility to those who we know have been elected by special interest groups and then blame them because their decisions lead us into one crisis after another. Up to now, most people have thought of politics as just a clash between special interests for a bigger 'piece of the pie.' Radicals and militants of all kinds have been chiefly concerned with redistribution of goods. Now we must recognize that politics is not chiefly a question of redistribution. It is a question of, first, deciding what kind of society we want to live in and, then, participating in the continuing political struggles necessary to create and develop that kind of society."

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